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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site! My name is 

Ronda S Barnes but my clients call me Coach Ronda! I'm a mother of 3, grand mother of 2 and LOVER OF JESUS! I love freedom and I love to see others walk in the freedom that God has given them. I'm fairly easy going but, I'm serious when it comes to breakthrough and helping people overcome the snares, traps, and bandages the enemy sets to keep you away from their destiny! I'm a worshiper and a demon slayer and I do it all for the 

Kingdom of God!


Breathe! It's Not That Deep!

I believe that God is so obtainable! Most of what we struggle with and fore are literally promises and gifts that we can't earn through works. We receive them by faith, through grace, and this is how I live my life! Nobody is perfect but we are made perfect through the Blood of Jesus that was shed on the Cross! It took me years to receive the revelation of this truth but, now that I have it I'm never letting it go and neither should you! My heart is to help people realize that God is not a task master ready to beat us over the head with every mistake. He's a loving Father that calls us to enjoy life and our relationship with Him. 

Stop Stressing and Learn to Breathe..It's not that deep!



I've walked through some very tough areas to become the person I am today.  I've experienced daddy issues, divorce, domestic abuse, and deep levels of grief from the loss of loved ones but I REFUSED to sit in it! I took that hurt, pain, and shame and turned it into PURPOSE!

Over the years I've learned that no tear or situation is ever wasted however, you can waste it if you do not submit it to the Lord and allow Him to heal you and reveal the purpose for your pain. Through years of processing, both professionally and personally, God has equipped me with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and tools to share with the world!

 These tools have afforded me the opportunity to see people from all walks of life overcome barriers and step into who God has called them to be! 

Let me help you, your church, group, and friends get it together and begin living your best life (In my lil duval voice)