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Course: Creating Healthy Boundaries


Creating Healthy Boundaries


Healthy boundaries give you the freedom and flexibility to decide who you choose to let into your life and how much access they should receive! Instead of living life with the fear of being hurt you have the power to say," You can be a part of my life if you adhere to the following standards". Healthy Boundaries allow you to be your most authentic self Unapologetically!

In this 8 hour course, you will learn how to break the barriers that hinder you from living a life of CONFIDENCE & BOLDNESS! Discover the keys to experiencing a life filled with GREATER self-esteem LESS fear, and relationships where you feel understood and accepted by friends and family!

REGISTER TODAY! Classes begin Thursday, July 11, 2019, @ 8 pm and will continue every Thursday through August 1, 2019!

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 We believe that because God is so strategic, the way we interact with each individual to bring you to a place of freedom should be also. This is why we provide Custom Coaching to fit your individuality and to help bring you into a place of authenticity!  How do we do this? 

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 As a christian it can be difficult maneuvering in the workplace, church, and with in our careers.  Who can you turn to when you're seeking guidance. Who has the capacity to handle your vulnerability without judgement? This is what Liberty Group Network is all about. 

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 Sometimes you just need a little clarity concerning your direction and other times there are strongholds and brokenness that you need someone to partner with to help you breakthrough & over come!  No matter what the obstacle, Coach Ronda is here to help you BREAKTHROUGH!

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